Our Journey


A father and son's bond is like no other, and T R I P L E   T H R E A T T, is the creation of that connection. Deandre Threatt proud father of two, wanted to start and lead a legacy with his sons. The premise that his sons and himself combined as THREE can be unstoppable.

T R I P L E   T H R E A T T, is functional and versatile apparel for young boys 4-12 years old 

Our introductory collection, "M E R C U R Y  B O Y S " adds a  bit of fun, edge and chicness to your child's wardrobe; from our glow in the dark t shirt to our very stylish cut off sweatshirt.


T R I P L E  T H R E A T T, is well on it's way to a galaxy far far away.